TMD or Temporomandibular Jaw Dysfunction affects millions of people and can create a miserable existence for those who have it. There are many causes of TMD, ranging anywhere from improper tooth positioning to trauma. The result of chronic TMD dysfunction can lead to serious consequences and irreparable damage...and a lifetime of discomfort and restrictive jaw function.

Common Signs of Joint Dysfunction

  • Pain during jaw movement (eating, speaking)
  • Jaw sounds (clicking, popping, grinding)
  • Chronic Muscular headaches (temples, facial, neck)
  • Limited jaw opening

Dr. Mark Honce and Dr. Myles Honce have trained to be able to properly diagnose TMJ disorders and treat appropriately from one of the foremost dentists in TMD therapy, Dr. Clayton Chan (former director of neuromuscular dentistry at LVI and current founder of Occlusion Connections education). If you are one of those afflicted with TMD we encourage you to contact us and let us help you guide you through the diagnosis and treatment therapies that exist to help get you out of pain!

Related Technology

  • K7 computerized TMD jaw dysfunction mapping
  • 3-D jaw joint scanning via low radiation SIRONA CONE BEAM technology (coming soon!)
  • TENS (Transcutaneous electronic neural stimulation) therapy
  • AGILITY guards

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