We will initially be starting with reduced hours and new protocols for our patients so it won’t exactly be “business as usual”.   Here’s the things you will notice!

1.  Every patient will be required to fill out a Covid 19 self assessment form before every appointment.  The great news is that we will be sending you these forms digitally, so they can be filled out prior to your appointment!  

2.  We are having all patients wait in their vehicle until called into the office by our staff.  This way we can control the safe space distancing in our busy office!  We want to keep you as safe as we can!!

3.  Everyone will be required to wear a face mask upon entering our facility!  Yes, you can bring your own if you have one, but make sure it fits and works...if you don’t have one please tell us and we will happily have one waiting for you at the door!

4.  Yes...we need to check your temperature at the door. We would encourage you to check your temperature leading up to your dental appointment too!  No sense showing up to an appointment and not being able to go in because you’re running a fever!

5.  Once we know your healthy, you’ll be able to clean your hands with an alcohol scrub and than off to the treatment room. 

6.  Before we start anything, including any procedure, we are having all patients rinse with an antiseptic rinse!  This rinse may be hydrogen peroxide or something called Electrolyzed Water.  Electrolyzed water is 100x stronger at killing germs than bleach but is 100% non toxic!!   In fact...you can actually rinse and swallow this solution!!

(By the way...this is the solution that will be used in ALL OUR DENTAL UNIT WATER LINES that will be continuing to kill the bugs on your teeth and gums as we work!)

7.  For regular fillings and crowns, we are going to be trying to isolate the teeth we are working on from the rest of your mouth by consistently using a rubber dam as much as we can.  Yes...I know some of you might not like that thing, but it’s about safety for us too!!

8.  For hygiene cleanings, we will be using more hand instruments than ultrasonic scalers for awhile yet.  Ultrasonic scalers make aerosols.  If we think that the judicious use of ultrasonics is necessary, we want our patients to know that again, the water that’s going through this instrument will be the Electrolyzed water...killing bugs and viruses that it comes into contact with, even the bugs in the air!!

9.  You will leave with a face mask on!  That way we protect you and us at all points in our office!  

10.  Finally, dental exams might look different!! Our staff might bring you in for data collection only at times, where Dr. Honce can review this information separately with you over a virtual meeting.  So expect that we might be doing Zoom exams with you!!

We look forward to be getting back to helping our patients obtain and maintain their oral health!  We have appreciated all of your patience in letting our profession figure out the steps necessary to keep you safe amidst this Covid pandemic!  

We encourage you to call our office to start scheduling your next appointment if you require one! 

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