What Can You Expect From Your Initial Dental Appointment?

Your initial appointment with our Kelowna dentists and hygienists is truly a "get to know you" appointment and generally involves lots of data gathering. As with any profession, a proper diagnosis is the most important first step that ultimately determines all future treatment. We encourage our patients to ask questions throughout the appointment, so that you understand what is happening and you can feel at ease with your exams and treatment.

  • First, digital radiographs are usually required to record the inital state and condition of your teeth
  • We use Kodak digital radiograph technology that allows us to take 10 radiographs with the equivalent radiation of one radiograph taken with conventional film, a 90% reduction in radiation exposure
  • Secondly, intra-oral photographs are often taken to document and help communicate dental issues that you otherwise do not have visual access to see on your own.
  • Thirdly, impressions of the teeth may be required to help evaluate current dental problems and determine appropriate future treatment.
  • Fourth, Aaron Honce who is one of our key dental hygienists, will typically come in to measure and record your current periodontal gum health.
  • Finally, either Dr. Mark Honce or Dr. Myles Honce will typically come in and discuss with you treatment planning and/or concerns for various treatment plans that you may require and address any concerns that you might have at that time.

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